The Best Unique Housewarming Gifts

best housewarming gifts

If you’ve ever moved into a new home, you know how overwhelming it can be—when did you get so much stuff? And where are you going to put it all in your new place? Though housewarming gifts are always well intentioned, sometimes gifts like throw pillows, blankets, or coffee table books can just add to the moving clutter.

When you’re giving a housewarming gift, you want to give something useful and thoughtful that isn’t going to add to the mess (and stress!) that inevitably comes with moving. Check out these unique ideas for housewarming gifts that your loved ones will treasure through every move.

Personalized Cutting Board

Does your bestie love to cook? Then why not gift them one of these adorable personalized cutting boards? Every cook needs a solid cutting board for those veggie-heavy meals, and this one will make them smile each time they pull it out.

Indoor Herb Garden

Herbs are great to have on hand for cocktails, cooking, and more! Even if your bestie moved into a windowless apartment, help bring some greenery inside with this smart herb garden that uses LED lamps to mimic sunlight. Best of all, it’s so tiny it will easily fit on a windowsill or any other nook and cranny of a cluttered new house.

Return Address Stamp

For a super thoughtful gift, design a custom return address stamp with their new address. Not only will it save your friends tons of time (and hand cramps!) when sending out thank-you notes and new home announcements, but it’s a gift they’ll use over and over—until they move again, that is!

Funky Kitchen Towels

You don’t have to know the ins and outs of their new home design to know that kitchen towels will come in handy. For a personalized touch, give these beautiful towels with an ode to their home—new or old!

House Portrait

Is your friend leaving their first home or moving into it? Either way, commemorate the home that will always hold a special place in their heart with a custom house portrait. Just provide a photo of their home to a designer, and they’ll whip up a custom portrait to be hung somewhere special by someone special. Choose the color, frame, and format for a one-of-a-kind housewarming gift that matches your friend’s style.

For a smaller and less expensive option with the same loving touch, commission a custom house Christmas ornament!

Custom Doormat

There’s nothing quite as warm as a friendly doormat. Make every step into their new home even more welcoming with a custom doormat showcasing their family, funny inside jokes, or other personal touches. With the option to change colors, fonts, and text, you’ll be gifting your loved one something that will make them smile time and time again.

For a doormat that’s endlessly customizable depending on the day, season, or mood, try this neutral doormat!


If all else fails, there’s always wine! Say “congratulations” in the best possible way with a celebratory bottle of bubbly. For a more thoughtful option, gift a wine or coffee subscription. They’ll get happy mail every month with another reminder of how much they mean to you!

Housewarming gifts don’t have to be bland. Give your friends a gift they’ll appreciate and enjoy next time they move for a tangible reminder of how much you love them.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

virtual birthday

  1. Coctail mixology

  2. Cooking class birthday

  3. Karaoke party

  4. Masquerade

  5. Beer and cheese pairing experience

  6. Wine tasting

  7. Comedy club

  8. Casino night

  9. Movie night birthday party

  10. Tiktok dance party

  11. Birthday party bingo

  12. Join a live trivia experience

  13. Play truth or dare

  14. Play monopoly

  15. Spooky goosebumps-themed games

18 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

gift for girlfriend

  1. Initial disc necklace

  2. Leather backpack

  3. Zodiac constellation necklace

  4. Foldable wireless charger

  5. Crossbody bag

  6. Compact swivel cheese board

  7. Bathrobe

  8. Petite travel jewelry case

  9. Soft sleep pajama set

  10. Personalized airpods case

  11. Apple watch 

  12. Earrings made with her birthstone

  13. Electric toothbrush

  14. Wireless headphones

  15. Polaroid go instant camera

  16. Cold brew maker and tea infuser

  17. Personalized star map

  18. Bathtub caddy tray

17 Gift Ideas for Your Mother

gift for mother

  1. Mother’s birthstone ring

  2. Bamboo bathtub caddy tray

  3. Leather touchscreen gloves

  4. Large card wallet

  5. Mini gold initial necklace

  6. Essential oil diffuser

  7. Cork hanging planter

  8. Slippers

  9. Plaid scarf in textured wool

  10. Lemon citrus tree

  11. Foot massager

  12. Apple watch

  13. Linen tablecloth

  14. Organic-cotton pajama set

  15. Garden clogs

  16. Complete bath bundle

  17. Personalized name necklace

17 Gift Ideas for Your Sister

gift for sister

  1. Perfume

  2. Essential oil diffuser

  3. Headphones

  4. Designer handbag

  5. Skincare saviours

  6. Earrings

  7. Bath bombs gift set

  8. Mini waffle maker

  9. Travel makeup case

  10. Zodiac ring

  11. Viscose pajamas set

  12. White marble bookcase

  13. Everyday gym bag

  14. Bluetooth speaker

  15. Pure silk pillowcase, sleep mask, and midi scrunchies bundle

  16. Agate coaster—set of 4

  17. Skin highlighter 

17 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

gift for boyfriend

  1. Personalized men’s wallet

  2. Wireless 3-in-1 charging stand

  3. Playstation

  4. Memory foam pillow with cooling gel

  5. Beard trimmer

  6. Waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker

  7. Shave gift set

  8. Hoodie

  9. Classic bath towel bundle

  10. Wireless headphones

  11. Perfumes

  12. Neck and back massager

  13. Stainless steel shot glass and flask set

  14. “Reasons why I love you” notebook

  15. Pro lens kit for iPhone

  16. Gordon Ramsay cooking lessons

  17. Cocktail shaker