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How to Become a Fashion Blogger

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15 Tips to Make New Friends

Join group Say nice things about other people Make friends with friends-of-friends Be aware of cultural differences Take initiative  Be a good listener Stay in touch Increase your self-confidence Be
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How to Start a Food Blog

Do you love to cook (and eat?). Do your friends come to you for restaurant recommendations? Do you have the dish on the trendiest dinnerware and kitchen gadgets? If the
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26 Reasons To Throw a Party

Birthdays Calendar events New job or retirement Wedding anniversaries To say “Welcome Home” Wine tasting Neighbor welcoming You mastered a new recipe Summer is finally over and the weather is
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6 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Retreat

Have you ever considered taking a retreat instead of a vacation? While on the surface they seem similar, retreats are organized trips focused on a specific topic, like relationships, yoga,
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Benefits of Swimming | 8 Reasons You Should Be in the Pool

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5 Tips to Help You Start Meditating and Keep Your Practice Going

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