Fun Activities & the Best Things to Do with Kids

activities with kids

Have you been looking for fun things to do with kids? Life with kids can be busy, but it’s important to shake things up when possible to provide them with new experiences to learn and grow. We have compiled the top 5 things to do with kids of all ages, regardless of exact location or time of year. 

1. Get out in nature

Nature is really important for kids, and there’s a wide variety of options for all budgets and ages. Try googling for national or state parks, waterfalls, mountain hiking trails, rivers, lakes, etc., in your area. A lot of these options are either free or low-cost. Whether hiking, kayaking, or just walking around, there are a lot of fun ways to get the body moving while also taking in some fresh air and beautiful views. 

get out in nature

2. Go to a theme park

While a bit pricier, going to an amusement or theme park can be an exhilarating experience for children. It’s a great way to create memories that can last a lifetime. There are a huge variety of options such as going to a bigger and pricier park, like Disney World, or a local fair or amusement park, which tends to be cheaper in comparison. Whether it’s an all-day affair or just a short trip, your kid is likely to come away feeling refreshed and content.

go to a theme park

3. Go to a museum 

Not to be overlooked or taken for granted, museums are an amazing way to nourish your child’s curiosity and allow them to learn in a more experiential way. Aside from normal museum hours, look out for special events taking place in your local museums throughout the year. There are also typically special dates or times when there is a more budget-friendly entrance fee, and some museums are always free for the public.

go to a museum

4. Go to a zoo or aquarium

When was the last time you visited your local zoo or aquarium? If you are interested in visiting more than once or twice a year, getting a local annual membership can provide a budget-friendly way to help your child explore their interest in animals and nature. Also, keep your eye out for special seasonal events. For example, a winter event displaying holiday decorations and lights at night is very common among zoos across the country.

5. Visit your local library

Curiosity comes very naturally for kids and a library is an amazing place for your kid’s imagination to grow. Not only can kids read and check out books for free, but libraries have all kinds of special events– the majority of which are free. Common events include family cooking classes, yoga, and read alouds. 

We hope these suggestions inspire you to spend more time out with your children! While these suggestions were created to be useful in a variety of cities, if you want more personalized information on your city specifically, you will be able to find a lot of local events and attractions by using a website such as Eventbrite or googling “fun things to do with kids in (my city).” 

Have any ideas you’d like to share? Comment them below so other parents can benefit!

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