5 Creative Ways to Stay Connected in a Long Distance Relationship

connected in distance

Long-distance relationships can sometimes make it difficult to feel connected–especially when there’s no defined end in sight. While they can get a bad reputation, long-distance relationships often provide unique opportunities for growing a strong, lasting connection and can be fun and healthy. If you have been feeling disconnected from your partner, try switching things up and testing out different methods of creating shared experiences. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 creative ways to level up your connection in a long-distance relationship. 

       1.  Have a cooking date

During the pandemic, virtual cooking dates became popular for their ability to create both space for open conversation and fun memories together. Whether you both cook the same thing and then compare the end result, or you just want to cook at the same time and then eat together, this is a great way to bond and be mindful together. It’s especially fun when you video chat during. Tip: Try creating something new together, or something a little challenging. 

        2. Virtual Airbnb Experiences

Everyone’s heard of the popular house-sharing site Airbnb, but did you know that the platform also hosts “experiences,” including both physical and online experiences? There is a wide variety of online activities offered, from trivia to cooking classes, dancing lessons, and more!

        3. Virtual Book Club

Another fun way to continue building shared experiences is to read the same book! Try switching off every other month on who chooses a book and then meet up after you have both been able to finish it. If you struggle to keep organized, it helps to agree on a core structure in advance, like what book and date you will choose so that both people have plenty of time to plan and read. 

         4. Order Surprise Takeout

If you liked the idea of a cooking date, but you or your partner doesn’t have the time or energy to make food from scratch, consider ordering some surprise takeout, just for fun! Alternatively, you could send them dessert, or another thoughtful gift. It’s really the excitement from a thoughtful surprise that counts here!

           5. Create a playlist together

If you or your partner loves listening to music, consider creating a shared playlist on Spotify or another streaming platform to listen to when you’re missing each other. Either both people can contribute, or you can make one as a fun gift for your partner so they know you’re thinking about them. 

            6. Stream a movie together

Another popular activity during the pandemic has been virtual movie nights! You can choose a movie together and gather some snacks, while you stream a movie together and video chat. There are a variety of streaming platforms to do this over, such as Zoom, Netflix Party, HosuseParty, or you can just video chat and stream separately. 

There are lots of ways to connect within a long-distance relationship, and switching up your routine in a relationship can be a fun way to bond. Test out anything on the list that looks interesting to you, and let us know how it goes in the comment section!

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