10 Things to Do If You’re Feeling Lonely

feeling lonely

Feeling connected to others is essential for our well-being. But, many people have smaller networks now and this can mean more social isolation. 

Being isolated can lead to more loneliness – but it doesn’t necessarily have to. If you’re feeling alone, it’s time to prioritize your own happiness. 

Here are some simple strategies to feel more confident, less lonely, and more connected: 

1. Get a pet

Spending time with animals is a great way to combat loneliness. Not only do they keep you company, interacting with animals is known to boost dopamine in the brain. 

Plus, walking your dog every day or taking a cat to the vet gives you the chance to talk to other people with animals and make new friends. 

2. Take a class

If you’re in the habit of spending time alone, getting out and meeting people can be uncomfortable – but it’s definitely worth it!

Take a class on something you’re interested in. This can help you get out of the house, meet new people, and spend time doing something you love. 

3. Make a schedule 

A lack of structure can make loneliness much worse. So, make sure you have a routine for your day and stick to it. When you feel like your day has a plan and purpose, you’ll feel less lonely. 

4. Go for a walk 

Going out for a walk can beat loneliness. The fresh air and exercise can boost your mood and clear your mind – and, you’re likely to run into people you can have a quick chat with. 

5. Reconnect with friends 

Keeping in touch with people on social media can be helpful. But, sometimes it’s not enough. If you have friends you’ve lost touch with, give them a call or arrange a meetup. 

Getting together with old friends for lunch or grabbing a coffee can make you feel better quickly. 

6. Volunteer

Helping others can bring more meaning to your life, and it’s an amazing way to reduce isolation and feel more connected to people. Find a cause you’re passionate about and try to help out. 

7. Get creative 

Another way to beat loneliness is to keep yourself busy with creative projects. 

Whether it’s painting, music, writing, knitting, or something else, self-expression can help you connect with your emotions and feel more comfortable being alone. 

8. Read a book 

Reading a book can be a good way to improve your mood and to feel less alone, especially if you pick a story that excites you and has powerful characters that boost your confidence. 

9. Take a solo trip

Whether it’s a day trip or months away traveling, taking a trip alone can cure loneliness. A solo adventure gives you time to reflect, visit interesting places, and meet new people.

10. Start a gratitude journal 

Loneliness can lead to more negativity. You can combat this by thinking about all the things you’re thankful for and writing them down in a gratitude journal.

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