Helpful Parenting Books for Every Stage

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Whether you’re the parent of a newborn, a middle schooler, or a full-blown adult, you know that parenting is fun, rewarding, and…tough. Half the time it feels like you don’t know what you’re doing, and once you finally get the hang of it, your kid changes! 

No matter what age your kids are, it’s helpful to learn from those who have already gone through it. Parenting books can help you navigate picky eaters, encourage you during the endless teenage years, and remind you of all that you love about your wild and wonderful kids. Check out these parenting books for support at every stage.

Best Parenting Book for Supporting Childhood Development: The Whole-Brained Child

Do you ever wonder what’s going on in your little one’s brain? Learn the neuroscience behind tantrums, self control, and more—as well as how to handle them in a thoughtful, respectful way. This book helps you understand why your child exhibits challenging behavior and shows you how to respond to it in ways that actually work.

Best Parenting Book for Potty Training: Oh Crap! Potty Training

Let’s face it, potty training is kind of hilarious…so a potty-training guide that’s funny and informative is just what we need! This helpful guide outlines how to get past diapers without bribes, tricks, or tantrums. 

Best Parenting Book for Conflict With Children: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

Every wonder why your kids just won’t listen? Arguing with kids is one of the most frustrating situations for any parent. This book helps teach parents how to manage their own emotions before they get out of control as well as how to deal with their kids’ emotions with empathy and patience. The key isn’t overpowering your kids or giving time outs, it’s effective listening and clear communication.

Best Parenting Book for Co-Parenting: Parenting Apart

If you’re divorced or separated, your primary concern is probably the impact your relationship with your ex will have on your kids. Parenting Apart helps teach parents how to thoughtfully support and nurture their kids during and after divorce, no matter how old they are. If you’re trying to navigate this difficult situation, wisdom from those on the other side can really help!

Best Parenting Book for Toddlers: No Bad Kids

Once your kids start saying “no,” it’s hard to recall that innocent newborn you snuggled just the other day. Where did your sweet, good-natured kid go? Janet Lansbury helps parents learn to handle difficult situations with patience and respect and to understand how pushing boundaries is a developmental milestone for all children.

Best Parenting Book for Siblings: Siblings Without Rivalry

Are you close with your siblings? Every parent dreams their children will grow up to be lifelong friends, but in many families, the dream falls short. If you’re looking to nurture the relationship of your children, give this book a shot for practical advice.

You Don’t Have To Parent Alone

No matter what your family situation looks like, help is available—from parenting books to family counselors to friends and loved ones. Parenting books can be a great first step towards getting support. Have you read any of these parenting books? Which was your favorite?

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