7 Tips and Tricks for Having the Shiniest Hair Ever

shiniest hair

Shiny hair is every girl’s (or man’s!) dream, but due to overwashing, environmental factors, and even some of the products you use, achieving glossy, shiny locks might feel like a moving target.

If you’re looking to make yours more shiny, silky, and (above all) healthy, check out these 7 tips and tricks for having the shiniest hair ever.

Tip #1: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Shiny hair doesn’t just look good, it’s healthier too! When hair is damaged due to dryness or breakage, the cuticle (the protective layer around each strand) becomes frayed, making your mane appear dull and without luster. A healthy strand, on the other hand, appears shiny because it has a smooth cuticle.

Keeping your hair moisturized is key to ensuring your cuticle doesn’t fray due to dryness. Avoid heavy conditioners that will weigh you down and coat your strands in product. Instead, try a lightweight conditioner powered by natural oils, such as avocado or olive oil, to achieve maximum shine without sacrificing volume.

Tip #2: Pay Attention to What Goes In Your Body

You know how pregnant people always rave about their hair? That’s because prenatal vitamins are loaded with omega-3s fatty acids, which are shown to increase growth and shine. If you’re not expecting, don’t worry! Some foods are especially high in omega-3s, such as salmon and chia seeds. Add these to your diet to boost your shine.

Tip #3: Avoid Overheating Your Hair

Blow drying, hot styling, and even too much sunshine can damage your hair. If cutting out heat drying and styling isn’t possible for you, try drying it on the coolest setting and pre-treating it with a leave-in conditioner prior to drying and styling. This will help strengthen your strands and protect them from heat damage.

Tip #4: Add a Lightweight Hair Oil to Your Routine

As skincare and hair care have boomed in the past few years, the demand for serums and oils has soared. Adding a lightweight hair oil to your routine will help lock in moisture without weighing it down. Apply a few pumps of hair oil a couple of times a week for shiny locks that don’t look greasy.

Tip #5: Distribute Your Hair’s Natural Oil by Brushing

Your hair naturally produces oil, but too often it seems like all that oil is stuck up near the roots, making it appear greasy instead of shiny. Gently brush dry hair using a boar’s head brush to distribute natural oil. However, be careful not to brush too roughly—wet hair in particular is easy to damage, and brushing too roughly can cause your strands to tear and appear dull.

Tip #6: Use an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse to Remove Product Buildup

All the products you use to style eventually build up on your hair and scalp, leading to dullness. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar weekly will help remove product buildup from dry shampoo, hairspray, and other products, keeping your hair shiny.

Tip #7: Don’t Wash Every Day

Unfortunately, like the overplucked eyebrows of the early 2000s, overwashing your hair is a bad habit you’re probably still trying to kick. No, you don’t need to wash your hair every day, and yes, it can be too clean. Overwashing your hair strips it of its natural oils, leading to dryness.

The best frequency for how often to wash depends on many factors. One tip: Don’t try to go down to two or three washes a week right away. Slowly increase the days between washes until you find a rhythm that’s comfortable for you without causing you to look greasy.

With the proper care and quality products, you can achieve the shiny locks you’re longing for. Use these 7 tips and tricks for having the shiniest hair ever to get to the root of your dull hair dilemma and boost your natural shine.

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