5 Tips on How to Stay Calm Under Pressure

stay calm

Do you struggle to stay calm under pressure? If you’re nervous about a big event, presentation, interview, or something else, it can be hard to keep your nerves under control. 


When we feel under pressure, it activates the “fight or flight” response, which is designed to help us in dangerous situations. However, if you get triggered all the time it’s important to find coping strategies to stay calm. 

Stress is a normal part of life. So, instead of panicking and becoming overwhelmed, here are five simple ways to stay poised and sail through it. 

1. Take deeper breaths 

If you’re feeling anxious, taking short, shallow breaths can make it worse. Instead, breathing deeply helps the body to relax as it lowers the amount of stress hormones in the body. 


Focusing on your breathing also acts as a distraction from whatever is bothering you and makes it easier to become more present on what is happening in the moment. 


To practice proper breathing, first breathe deeply through your nose until your chest and stomach are completely filled with air. Then, hold it for a moment and breathe out slowly through your mouth. Repeating this should make you feel calmer quickly. 

2. Focus on something positive

Another distraction technique is to take your focus away from what could go wrong, and instead find something positive to focus on. 


Catastrophic thinking is well known for increasing feelings of panic and anxiety. Rather than dwelling on these feelings, try and  find something positive to focus on. 


For example, if you’re worried about messing up a presentation, instead of getting stressed, think about how much you will learn from the experience – whatever the outcome. 

3. Avoid negative people 

If you find yourself getting stressed out a lot, start by taking a look at who you have in your life. Some people can make you feel worse, and it’s important to recognize this. 


You don’t need to cut these people out of your life altogether. But, it can be worse avoiding them when you’re under pressure and choosing to spend time with people who are more positive. 

4. Become more grateful

Showing gratitude for the good things in your life is a fantastic way to maintain a positive attitude. It helps you keep things in perspective, and this can relieve pressure and reduce stress. 

5. Look after yourself 

Lastly, when you’re under pressure, make sure you take steps to look after your mind and body. This can quickly change how you feel, and is very simple to do. 


Essential things to do include eating a balanced, healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, relaxation techniques like meditation, and going for walks or getting other regular exercise. 

This will keep your body working as it should, which can benefit your mental health and help you manage stress. It also helps you avoid a sugar crash, which is common with unhealthy diets.

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