Ways to Transform Yourself in 30 Days

transform yourself

  1. Write in a journal every morning

  2. Drink eight glasses of water each day.

  3. Write a gratitude list each day

  4. Declutter your home 

  5. Declutter relationships

  6. Eat lots of fruits and veggies

  7. Get a fresh cut

  8. Say goodbye to negative self talk

  9. Meditate every day for 15 minutes 

  10. Work out or go for a walk daily 

  11. Learn to honor the power of downtime.

  12. Take a social media break 

  13. Start a new hobby 

  14. Make new friends 

  15. Read 4 motivational books

  16. Don’t eat sugar (besides fruits)

  17. Learn a foreign language 

  18. Go away on a trip 

  19. Spend a few days completely by yourself

  20. Find your enneagram type 

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