7 Types of Friends You MUST Unfriend

friends you must unfriend

Having good friends can make your life so much better. They can be great allies and provide you with support, help, and advice. It’s amazing to have friends you can count on! 

But, there are some toxic types of friends. Having these types in your circle can make you feel down. The sooner you unfriend these types, the better you will feel. 

So, here are the types of friends you should let go of:

1. Negative friends 

Do you have any friends that are always complaining and bringing negativity? It’s okay to complain sometimes, but people that have a pessimistic outlook on life can drain your energy. 

Whenever you bring up good news, they find a problem with it. This can suck the happiness out of you, so it’s totally fine to unfriend them to avoid getting dragged down. 

2. Self-centered friends 

This type of friend thinks that the whole world should revolve around them. They only agree to do things when it suits them, and they’re normally unwilling to return any favors. 

Unless they are benefiting from something, they’ll probably avoid it. This type of friend should be avoided – even if you do loads for them, they’ll always avoid doing things for you. 

3. Unavailable friends 

Of course, everyone is busy. A lot of friends don’t get to hang out as much as they’d like. But, it’s important to make the effort to spend time together. 

Unavailable friends are the types of friends that are always too busy, and if you do make plans with them, they usually cancel – sometimes at the very last minute. 

4. Competitive friends 

Another type of friend you should avoid is really competitive ones. Real friends want you to succeed and will support you no matter what. 

Friends that are always trying to compete with you will always be trying to do better than you to make themselves feel good. Make sure you protect yourself by unfriending them! 

5. Friends that use you 

Friends that use you to get things they want are really selfish. They might expect you to pay for everything on a night out, or drive them around everywhere. 

These types of friends rarely do anything unless it’s a benefit to them, and this makes the friendship very one-sided – so it’s best to limit contact with them. 

6. Two-faced friends 

If someone’s being two-faced, they’re not a true friend. They might smile and act friendly, then make fun of you to others or talk about you behind your back. 

Whether they’re telling people you don’t deserve a promotion or gossiping about your love life, you need to cut these types of friends out of your life as quickly as possible! 

7. Jealous friends 

Having a jealous friend can destroy your self-esteem. They will always be pointing out your flaws, and this is because they’re insecure and jealous of you. 

With these types of friends, everytime something goes well in your life, envy takes over. Make sure you look out for these people so you can unfriend them.

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