How to Start a Travel Blog

Travel blogs are some of the hottest content on the internet. They give readers stuck at home a taste of the exotic, and they inspire people to broaden their worldview through meeting new people and having new experiences.

So how do you start a travel blog? Setting it up is easier than you think! Ask yourself these 4 questions to get your new travel blog up and running in no time.

What Do You Love About Travel?

We know…there’s probably too many things to name. From unique cultures, to food, to scenery, what’s not to love about travel? But in order to keep your readers engaged in your content, you’re going to want to settle on a general theme for your blog.

Maybe you’re interested in providing travel tips and hacks to readers, or maybe you want to provide reviews of resorts around the world. Whatever you decide, focus your content on this niche, and stick with it.

What Blog Name Will Engage Your Audience?

Once you’ve nailed down the purpose of your blog, you can start to think about a name. The best blog names are one-of-a-kind (obviously, since no two sites can have the same domain name), descriptive (your reader should know what your blog is about based on the name), and easy to spell. After all, you don’t want your readers to get redirected to someone else’s site because yours is too tough to enter correctly in their search engine!

Once you’ve picked a name, make sure it’s not already in use by using a free domain search tool. To make your site your own, you’ll need to purchase your domain name and select a web hosting provider (like GoDaddy or Bluehost) to host your site.

How Tech Savvy Are You?

Next, you’ll choose a blogging platform. You may have heard of some popular platforms like WordPress or SquareSpace, but there are lots of platforms out there. 

If you’re technologically inclined, you can customize your site beyond just the templates provided in your chosen platform. But if you’re looking for a platform with a lot of unique templates to choose from (so you don’t have to lift a finger!) then WordPress might be a good option.

Platforms like SquareSpace or Tumblr have fewer templates but are more optimized for design and images, so they can be good options for tech-confident bloggers who want to display lots of images with their posts.

What’s Your Capacity for Content Creation?

Your site is designed, your name is perfect, and you’ve decided what your content will focus on. Now you just need to establish how often you’ll be able to contribute to your blog. Setting a schedule lets your readers know when they can expect new blogs to drop and keeps them engaged with your blog.

If blogging is your full-time gig, then maybe you can get out a blog a day, but if you’re blogging on the side, then you’ll want to decide a realistic timeline for content production.

With a little legwork, you can get a blog up and running in no time. Answer these questions to start a travel blog your audience will love!