Why You Should Travel Alone Sometimes

Many people are afraid to travel alone. Traveling in a group feels more secure—you know if you get lost or your credit card stops working that you’ll have someone around to support you. 


But solo travel can be great for your self confidence, and it can help you enjoy your trip more too! Check out these amazing benefits to traveling alone.

You Meet New People

There’s nothing like sitting alone at a restaurant to motivate you to say hello to a stranger. And from there, who knows where the relationship might lead? A thought-provoking conversation for the night, a day trip to a nearby town, or a lifelong friendship could develop from a simple hello.


If you’re traveling with friends, you’re probably not going to naturally connect with people you come across on your trip. But when you’re alone, it’s easier to overcome your discomfort and make new friends.

You Get To Decide What You Do Each Day

When you travel with a group, your itinerary is decided by the group. That means you might spend an entire afternoon at an art museum you’re not really interested in, or you might pay for a high-end dinner when you would rather eat pizza on the beach.

When you travel solo, you only have to do the things you want to do. Imagine that! You might also save money, since you’ll get to prioritize the activities that mean the most to you.

You Gain Self Confidence

Traveling alone is definitely intimidating. You can get so caught up in the “what ifs”—What if I get lost? What if I lose my wallet? What if I miss my flight?—that you end up missing out on the trip of a lifetime.

Taking a trip alone increases your self confidence. Sure, the first hiccup is stressful. But once you overcome that first overwhelming obstacle, like renting a car in a foreign country, you’ll know you can do it. You’ll realize your own strength and resilience, and you’ll be more confident the next time something unexpected happens.

You Travel More

Once you’re not afraid to travel alone, every weekend becomes an opportunity to see somewhere new. No more coordinating schedules with a group, which can make it difficult to take a vacation. Instead, as long as you have the time (and the will!), you can travel as often as you’d like.

Two Tips for Traveling Alone

Tip #1: Choose a safe destination. If you’re traveling alone, make sure you travel somewhere you’ll feel safe. Fear and discomfort will make you less likely to enjoy your trip. 

Tip #2: Don’t let your phone become your travel partner. It can be easy for solo travelers to rely on their phones for conversation, entertainment, and security. Don’t fill lonely moments by browsing social media or texting friends. Try to be present throughout your travels even though, at times, solitude may be uncomfortable.

We hope this inspires you to travel alone with confidence. Now get out and enjoy your dream vacation!

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